REBLX is the future of self tanning products. Created with one goal in mind, to provide the highest quality products to our customers, products that continually outperform the competition. REBLX started with a premium self-tanner, a product that was specially formulated with specific ingredients to produce an amazing sun kissed tan! REBLX offers many amazing products and new products are currently being developed. Presently, REBLX is showcasing its first released and flagship product: REBLX Premium Self Tan. This is the perfect solution and safe alternative to sun and UV bed tanning. We've focused on blending premium & natural ingredients that produce beautiful, dark, natural looking tans. This tanner has a wonderful citrus scent, is lightweight, streak free and is easy to apply. REBLX Premium Self Tan is amazing on any skin tone and is perfect for your face and body. Our solution contains naturally occurring anti-aging properties and moisturizers as well, imagine having the perfect tan with softer and firmer skin! Along with looking your best, we want everyone to be happy and healthy. REBLX is made in the USA and is a cruelty-free, we never test our products on animals.

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