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Longtime friends Justin Colmer and Derek Soldenski created REBLX with one goal in mind, to provide people with the highest quality tanning products on the market. With backgrounds in business and finance, they set out to produce products that provide top notch results and continually outperform the competition. Having spent their youth in the sun without sunscreen and early adult years in and out of tanning booths they were both lucky to avoid any serious health issues linked to UV exposure. Now, more aware and with a better understanding of the negative effects of continued UV exposure, both use REBLX Premium Self Tan to keep up great appearances without worry!



Did You Know?

*UV exposure causes wrinkles, premature aging, brown spots and in some severe cases cancer.

*Skin Cancer is the number one most common cancer in the United States.

*Skin Cancer in is the number two most common death in Women.

 * Every 57 Minutes 1 person dies from skin cancer.


  • Are you looking for a premium self-tanner that provides a deep dark tan, smells great, and lasts?
  • Do you want a premium self-tanner that is easy to apply and safe to use?
  • Are you sick of the ugly orange coloring from the cheap self-tanners on the market? 
  • Do you want to be tan all year long without the negative effects of UV exposure?
  • Tired of expensive spray tans that don't look natural?

   Look no further and choose REBLX Premium Self Tan today and experience the difference for yourself. REBLX specializes in premium quality cosmetics and offers a premium self-tanning product that produces the look and beauty of a real tan without the negative effects of UV light. Our REBLX Premium Self Tan is made with a blend of Premium & Natural ingredients that produce a perfect looking natural finish!

REBLX Self-Tanning Mission

   Serving the sunless tanning needs of our customers around the world, REBLX is the industry leader in premium self-tanner products. With so many negative aspects of indoor and outdoor tanning, we wanted to offer a safe alternative for people everywhere.

   After years of research and product development, we proudly present you with REBLX Premium Self Tan. REBLX Premium Self Tan is engineered for long-lasting deep dark tans that are easy to apply. Every application delivers a great smelling, streak-free, flawless tan time after time!

 Why Choose REBLX?

   REBLX offers premium quality cosmetics at competitive prices. Our flagship product, REBLX Premium Self Tan is just one of the prime examples of the high quality products that our company has to offer. Our product developers are working smart and hard to create new high-quality products for our already happy customers. Stay tuned for new product launches and developments. We value you as a customers and we work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. Before, during and after every sale, we will be there to answer any questions and to provide you with the best sunless tanning experience possible. Shop with us today and let our experienced team make you a REBLX customer for life.

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