Step 1: Prep

Apply to clean, dry exfoliated skin. Exfoliate and moisturize dry areas such as hands, feet, ankles & wrists. For the best results, use the REBLX Exfoliating Body Polish and Exfoliating Mitt.

Step 2: Application

REBLX Premium Self Tanner : Apply with mitt or by hand in circular motion and let tanner fully saturate the skin. Apply in sections (such as legs, back, face, and arms). We recommend the REBLX Applicator Mitt for streak-free results.

REBLX Premium Self Tanner Liquid Spray: Spray directly onto the mitt and apply in sections (such as legs, back, face, and arms). Always massage the self-tanner in your skin in a circular motion allowing the tanner to fully saturate your skin. 

Step 3: Self-Tan Setup

For the best results: Allow the self-tanner to develop for 8 hours (classic tan) before you rinse. Avoid contact with water during setup. 

Step 4: Rinse-Off and Glow

After 8 hours rinse off in lukewarm water and pat yourself dry. Avoid scrubbing and using soaps during this step. Color will continue to darken for up to 12-24 hours. Continue to moisturize regularly to keep your skin glowing and hydrated. 


REBLX Self Tanners -Customize your self tan- Sunless Bronzing Self Tanner



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