Self-Tanner Application Tips & Directions by REBLX

REBLX Self-Tanner Application Tips

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 Here is a helpful list of steps to guide you through the most efficient and effective way to apply, maintain and enjoy the best self-tanner on the market today: REBLX Premium Self-Tan

**Our Formula is probably going to be thinner than you are used to because of our natural and organic ingredients. So, we suggest shaking the bottle before use and using only a small amount of product on your Applicator Mitt or gloves. Always let the solution set on your body for 6-8 hours per step 6.

 Step 1: Pre-Trim or Shave in Advance

We recommend shaving any parts of the face or body a couple hours before application.

Step 2: Exfoliate Before Application

Any well-formulated exfoliator body scrub should do the trick. We recommend showering and exfoliating 30 minutes before application. Dry off completely before step 4. 

Step 3: Put Some Vaseline On Your Eyebrows (Optional)

This is a preventative measure for any discoloration potentially cause by our tanning solution. This is an optional step but it rarely needed for most self-tanning experiences.

Step 4: Use our REBLX self-tanning Mitt for proper Application.

Self-tanning can become a slippery task. Gain more control of your application by wearing our REBLX Self-Tanner Mitt. The Mitt is designed to hold more product, to apply it evenly, the Mitt also serves as a barrier between product and hand. Prepping your body is half the battle, knowing what to do next is just as important.

Step 5: Apply the self-tanner is sections (such as legs, back, face and arms).

 Always massage the self-tanner into your skin in a circular motion allowing the tanner to saturate the skin.

Step 6: Allow the REBLX Premium Self-Tan to set

Allow the REBLX Premium Self-Tan to set for 6-8 hours after your initial application. Applying the self-tanner before bed is a great idea for most. Avoid any contact with water for the 6-8 hours.

Step 7: Rinse-Off and Enjoy the Best Tan of Your Life

After 6-8 hours simply rinse off with water and pat dry. You’re all set and will be looking great! Your tan will gradually get deeper within the next 24 hours. Your REBLX self-tan will last approximately 6-10 days, fading away naturally and gradually. If you are not using our applicator mitt, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.

Step 8: Always Apply Sunscreen Daily

None of our products contain sunscreen. Always protect your skin daily with a high-quality sunscreen to ensure healthy and glowing skin all year long.  


**Customize your REBLX Premium Self Tan**

REBLX Premium Self Tan is amazing on any skin tone and is fully customizable depending on how dark or light you want your tan. You are in control of how dark or light you want your tan. 

For a normal tan- Let product "set" for 6-8 hours

For a lighter tan- Use less product and let "set" for about 3-4 hours.

For an even darker tan- Use more product and let "set" for 10+ hours. You can also apply the tanner two days in a row or use the tanner multiple times a week. 


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