REBLX is excited to showcase our premium quality product line. We would love to discuss opportunities where we can provide value to your business and offer our products to your customers. We offer wholesale pricing in various quantities to fit your specific business needs.

We sell our products wholesale directly from our website but if you prefer to purchase from a wholesale marketplace check out our page (Where to Find US) to see where we currently sell at. 

REBLX Product Catalog

 REBLX Premium Self Tanner - Best Self Tanner for Face and Body

REBLX Premium Self Tanner - Ingredients


 REBLX Product Catalog - REBLX Self-Tanning Applicator Mitt

 REBLX Product Catalog - REBLX Premium Scrubbing Exfoliating Mitt

Bulk Orders

REBLX offers bulk pricing to all customers. To get specific information regarding pricing and units required for bulk pricing please contact us today. 


Private Labeling

If you are interested in a private label relationship email us and let us know why you would be a great fit


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