Wholesale & Bulk Order


REBLX is excited to showcase our products with the intent to provide value to your business. We offer wholesale pricing in various quantities to fit your specific business needs. Please contact us today to discuss these opportunities. 

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For Sales and Order Inquiries:

Derek Soldenski

Co-Founder & CEO – REBLX

Phone: 310-991-2583

Email: Derek@reblx.com

Website: www.reblx.com


For Billing and Finance Inquiries:

Justin Colmer

Co-Founder & CFO -REBLX

Phone: 586-855-3996

Email: Justin@reblx.com

Website: www.reblx.com


Bulk Orders

REBLX offers bulk pricing to all customers. To get specific information regarding pricing and units required for bulk pricing please contact us today. Use the contact information above for your inquiry.