REBLX Premium Scrubbing Exfoliating Mitt

$ 9.99 USD

At REBLX we know you deserve the best exfoliator mitt. That's why we constructed a high-quality hammam morocco ultra-thin Korean-style exfoliating mitt for all your beauty and self-care needs.

Best Exfoliator Mitt for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Why you will love the REBLX Exfoliator Mitt

  • Premium Exfoliation
  • Great for Self-Tanning Prep
  • Easy to Use
  • High-Quality Ultra-Thin
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Washable and Reusable 

Self-Tanning and Beauty Self-Care Essential

Deep Cleans - Easily exfoliate and remove unwanted dead skin, impurities such as dirt, oils, grime, remaining self-tanning products, and any other beauty self-care products that are left on your skin. Also great for keeping tattoos smooth and clear.

Great for Self-Tanning Preparation - Easily prep your skin for the application of self-tanners, sunless tanning lotions, bronzers, tanning mousse, foams, gel, creams, lotions, spray tans, gradual self-tanners, mist, tanning drops, tanning lotions, indoor tanning lotions, solutions, face self-tanner and more. Proper exfoliation is recommended for a long-lasting streak-free self-tanning application.

Dry Skin - Regular exfoliation is great for polishing your skin and removing irregularities.

Skin Moisturizing - An important beauty self-care routine should include regular exfoliation. It is important to remove dead skin to reveal healthy, beautiful skin. This will allow for better absorption of moisturizers.

You are beautiful it's time to show off that confidence, join in on the fun, and rock that REBLX tan. Come Glow with US!