Welcome to the REBLX Blog, thanks for stopping by. Today we want to focus on self-tanning and we will identify the great benefits of using our premium quality self-tanning products such as REBLX Premium Self Tanner. Let's talk self-tanners, shall we? There is a false stigma out there that: self-tanners smell bad, leave your skin orange, don't work, and don't last. This is far from the truth. Before I get into details let's just focus on the benefits of using a self-tanner first.    



  • What are these Great Benefits of using a self-tanner?
  • Shouldn’t I just put on some tanning oil and go bake in the sun?
  • How about I just go to the beach during peak sun hours and get some real sun? 


Before you just go out and attempt to get UV rays from the sun or sit in the tanning bed always remember that UV rays can cause major damage to our delicate skin. 


So, what's all the hype these days with self-tanners?...


Using a self-tanner is gradually becoming the preferred way of acquiring a healthy and glowing tan without the negative effects of damaging UV indoor and outdoor rays. However, you should choose only a premium product such as REBLX Premium Self Tanner or REBLX Premium Self Tanner Liquid Spray. Using either of these products, which contains a blend of premium and natural ingredients will keep your skin looking and feeling its best all year long.


I can't stress this enough...

Our self-tanners smell amazing with a fresh and clean citrus scent. We stand out from our competitors because we use high quality ingredients that give you the results you deserve. 


Read on to find out more about it.

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8 Great Benefits of Using a Self-Tanner


1.) Safe to Use

The first and most important benefit of using a self-tanner is that it is safe. Our products are great for your skin as they contain anti-aging & moisturizing properties.

Another great benefit is that there is no risk of getting skin cancer or burnt skin due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

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2.) Easy to Apply

Self-tanning is a very easy process for anyone. Applying a high-quality self-tanner provides an effective way to get a natural looking tan quickly. Our REBLX Premium Self Tanner and Liquid Spray will have you glowing in no time at all. Your friends and family will think you went on an exotic vacation the next day. You do not need to spend hours under the sun for days to get your desired tan with a self-tanner. 

  • Simply apply a small amount of the REBLX Self Tanner on your skin and gently rub it in with our applicator mitt or with another applicator of your choice until it spreads evenly. Wait 8 hours for a classic tan before coming into contact with water and showering.


  • The self-tanner gets absorbed by your skin as our innovative ingredients work their magic to give you a beautiful tan. It’s so easy it’s almost as if you are on Easy Street. Cheesy much…?



    3.) Convenience


    You can acquire a fake tan at home in the convenience of your home. 

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    • Apply the self-tanner before an important event like a wedding or beach vacation and look sensational.
    • Apply REBLX Premium Self Tanner or Liquid Spray the night before you will be out in the sun.
    • Did you know that none of our products contain sunscreen? Well, now you know so be smart when you are out in the sun for an extended period. We want you to continue to have that flawless and healthy skin forever, EVER ... So Be Smart!!



      4.) Good for Your Skin


      Our REBLX Premium Self-Tanner and Liquid Spray has natural moisturizing and anti-aging properties. These properties help you to get that glowing tan. Our ingredients nourish your skin and allow for healthy moisturizing results.


      5.) No Orange Coloring and Smells Great


      Our REBLX Self Tanner and Liquid Spray does not leave your skin orange or full of streaks like other cheap self-tanning lotions. There is no strange odor because it has a fresh citrus scent which is very soothing and refreshing. Our customers are always very surprised at just how great our product smells.


      More Benefits...


      You benefit from a nice smelling tan unlike the outdoor and indoor cheap smelling tanning lotions on the market. Look good, feel good and smell good. I mean come on who doesn’t want to smell good while looking and feeling good. 



      6.) Long Lasting Tan 

      The tan from a REBLX Premium Self Tanner and Liquid Spray will last between 6-10 days giving you the opportunity to enjoy your tan for a long time with just one application. You can enjoy a long-lasting healthy tan all year long. 


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      7.) Perfect for all Skin Tones


      Using a self-tanner is the best option to acquire a natural deep tan for all skin tones. Our self-tanner is ideal for face and body making it must-have for anyone looking for a safe alternative to indoor and outdoor UV tanning.





      8.) Easy to Maintain


      There is no maintenance required after application and every part of your body will get covered by the lotion when applied properly. Check out our application tips section on our website. There are no tan lines which you need to hide. Make sure you read our application tips section on our website for details on how to apply self-tanner like a pro. Simply reapply when you think the tan is fading, it's so simple. 


      With so many benefits, self-tanning is the best choice if you want to get a tan safely and instantly.


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      Be Safe, be happy and Get Sexy!! 


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