REBLX Premium Self Tan | Value Bundle |


REBLX Premium Self Tan | Value Bundle |

Includes Two Bottles Of REBLX Premium Self Tan And Two Self-Tanning Applicator Mitts

REBLX Premium Self Tan is made with the perfect blend of high-quality ingredients and produces the most amazing, natural-looking, sun-kissed tan! This premium quality self-tanner will give you the best looking self-tan you have ever experienced! 

Get that perfect sunkissed glow all year long any time of the year. 

  • Made With Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • Never Tested On Animals
  • Use On Face & Body
  • No Orange Coloring
  • Paraben-Free
  • Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Properties
  • Made In The USA
  • Fresh Citrus Scent
  • 8 Plus Uses Per Bottle
  • Lightweight, Streak-Free & Easy To Apply
  • Each Application Lasts For Up To 10 Days

REBLX Premium Self Tan has a built-in instant bronzer, a dark temporary color, when applied "shows where the tanner goes" on your skin so there is no chance of missing a spot or streaking. 

REBLX Premium Self Tan is amazing on any skin tone and is fully customizable depending on how dark or light you want your tan. You are in control of how dark or light you want your tan. 

Our formula may be thinner than you are used to because it is made with natural and organic ingredients. We suggest shaking the bottle before use and starting with a small to moderate amount of product on your REBLX Applicator Mitt or Gloves. Let tan set for 6-8 hours. 

REBLX Custom Self Tanning

For detailed directions on how to apply your self-tanner along with tips & tricks click here


Self-Tanning Applicator Mitt:

What it is:

A soft, washable mitt for applying REBLX self-tanning products. Can be used with other cosmetics such as lotions, gels and more. 

What it does:
This mitt ensures an even, streak-free application of REBLX self-tanning products and protects the palms from staining.

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